Place yourself in the experienced hands of our therapists Veronique Schirr, Veronika Berchtold and András Füredi.

With a great deal of sensitivity, you will get to the bottom of tensions and blockages, and with the numerous applications and cosmetic tricks – almost in the blink of an eye – you will ensure greater well-being.

András Füredi
András has a fine hand for deep-seated tension. He is a qualified masseur. After a treatment with him you will feel completely relaxed and reborn.

Sabine Bischof
Sabine is a certified cosmetician an medical pedicurist. Care, well-being, healthy and beautiful. Sabine loves to make the skin shine by using high-quality active ingredients in te caring and decorative cosmetics. Let us pamper you.

Veronique Schir
The Bregenzerwald native is a certified systemic coach and consultant, sound massage practitioner according to Peter Hess, human energeticist an herbalist. In her work she relies on her sensitive abilities and many years of proffessional experience.