Kids are always good for surprises, aren’t they? Vacation is the best time to give them something back! Our little hotel eagle Simmi is an expert at it. Wherever he is, it’s all round and in and up and down. In his forest tree house, for example. The multi-story playhouse makes hearts beat faster and time fly.


Simmi’s forest tree house starts with a ball pool and slide. It continues with a play kitchen and workbench for the little ones, a cozy reading corner for mom and dad. The little ones will be amazed at the Knoocker at the latest. The “Knoocker” is an interactive game wall with various games of skill on a screen that will also keep dads entertained. It gets exciting when gameboys are suddenly hanging from the ceiling at the very top. For even more innovative entertainment, there’s the Toniebox with audio games – available to borrow at the reception desk.

Family Wellness

What is more soothing than children who fall tired into bed at night and fall asleep contentedly? Because they were engrossed in play during the day and could splash around for hours. Thanks to Simmi’s forest play pond. A small world of adventure for water rats, beavers and foxes. With slide, water games and relaxing furniture. Our SPAradies offers enough space and just the right thing – for everyone.

Especially for families there are three new family junior suites with bathtub and separate children’s room. So that the little ones can also have their peace and quiet and play undisturbed.


Our children and family hotel in Vorarlberg

So that you start your vacation carefree. Do we have on site a vacation with children starter pack to borrow. Better take a fourth pair of shoes with you, the following you need namely not squeeze your car:

*cot *fallout protection *water boiler *changing mat *diaper pail *children’s bathrobe * toboggan